Tarot and Oracle Card Reading – INTRODUCTORY OFFER


Purchase this limited offer for a tarot card reading to answer up to three questions and get a full PDF report by email or get a general reading for the next twelve months for the limited offer of £6, giving you 80% off the usual rate of £30*.

*Reserve the right to withdraw this offer at anytime.


Rachel is a qualified life coach, hypnotherapist, and reiki master and has been using her intuition with a range of tarot and oracle cards since 2016 with great success. After graduating with a psychology degree in 2007 and qualifying as a life coach, she has worked with many coaching clients on a variety of issues as well as undertaking many years of her own personal and spiritual development. She has since applied her understanding of human psychology and her innate intuitive abilities to bring greater clarity and direction to her clients. Her emphasis is the individual sat in front of her and her focus is on empowering them to grow in self-awareness and follow their own guidance. Do you wish to discover a more meaningful path in line with your soul’s purpose? Do you wish to meet your soul mate or explore what is going on in your existing relationship? Create your own business, or start a new project? Perhaps you feel lost and you wish to deepen your own sense of self or connection to divinity? Perhaps you feel flat and uninspired and wish to experience more vitality and energy? Be more confident and experience greater freedom? Purchase this limited offer to answer your questions and get a full PDF report by email or get a general reading for the next twelve months for the limited offer of £6, giving you 80% off the usual rate of £30. Here are a few testimonials:

‘Lovely email with my reading that hit the nail on the head for my current circumstances. Highly recommended’

‘Rachel is very responsive and accurate .. I highly recommend this website’

‘I did not say anything to Rachel before my reading as I didn’t want to give any ideas but I have to say it blew me away everything was on point, we are moving, there are things that need dealing with but Rachel’s reading has shown we are on the right path, thank you’

‘You allow people to come together to investigate the space within and In turn initiate a deeper connection with the clarity we seek. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and came away inspired and reconnected. Thank you x’

‘I have had the pleasure of meeting with Rachel Murphy only a few times and in that space she has shown to be very approachable, open and caring towards her advice and help. Having left a relationship recently, I felt that Rachel’s advice and support were outstanding and seemed to be offered just when I needed it the most. She is a very intuitive, grounded, practical and holistic person. I have no hesitation in recommending Rachel’s services.Thanks once again’

TERMS AND CONDITIONS This offer is for first time customers only as an introductory deal; All readings are purely intuitive and, by their nature, cannot be guaranteed to be 100% accurate so by purchasing a reading, the customer agrees that they are taking full responsibility for themselves when following any advice given; Full payment must be received before a reading can be conducted; The reader reserves the right to refund payment and respectfully withdraw service if it is felt necessary to do so for any reason; All readings will be approximately a minimum of three A4 pages. However, exact quantity is not guaranteed as this depends on the amount of information there is to be imparted; The customer has the right to cancel their order and ask for a full refund if a reading has not been received with 7 days unless they accept that there will be longer delay following an update by the reader.