Reiki – 60 minutes


Reiki is an ancient practice passed down for centuries from the founder, Mikao Usui of whom Rachel has a direct lineage to through her teacher. It is a form of the gentle channeling of reiki or Universal life force through the hands using intention, focus and receptivity of the therapist. Many testify to the calming, balancing and transformative effect of reiki particularly when applied regularly which helps aid the body to return to balance and access its own natural healing abilities. This can be applied in person whilst the client is lying down or sitting and even remotely at long distance.


Meditation is the art of settling your attention on a single point of focus which has the benefits of stilling your mind allowing you to relax and access your own creativity, intuition and inner wisdom.  From the stillpoint of your being, resides the entire cosmos, allowing you to access the wisdom of your higher self, knowledge beyond your physical five senses and the superconsciousness.

It is such a simple process which involves making yourself comfortable, whether seated, standing or lying down and settling your focus on one constant feature in your field of awareness. The coming and going of the breath is one most commonly used aspect to focus on as this is a constant feature in everybody’s lives and is always accessible to us.

The important thing to remember, especially for new meditators, is that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way. If your mind wanders to other thoughts or sensations, that is okay. If you fall asleep or get distracted then let it go and start again. The practice is to gently bring your awareness back to your point of focus whenever you remember to.

Over time, with regular practice, the art of meditating will become easier and easier to do and will start to infuse into the rest of your day. In the longer term, people often report feeling better able to deal with the highs and low of life, feeling more ‘centered’ and a general sense of greater calm even in the choppiest storms of life!

Here at the Still Point Centre, we recognise that meditation is so much more powerful when done with others in a group and it can be helpful to follow along to someone guiding a meditation to bring collective focus, gain new insights, explore other aspects of reality and employ new approaches to meditation.

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