Meditation Course: Tap Into Your Superpowers


Join Rachel for a weekly meditation over 6 weeks by video call exploring various aspects of conscious living and empowerment. Each week we will look at bringing the light of awareness on human existence with the aim of bringing greater unification, peace, harmony, love, unbounded energy, courage and positive change from the inside out.

More than ever now, it is clear that we need to awaken to ourselves and find ways to move beyond separation and duality to a far more powerful place as co-creators of our own reality. When the focus is lasered in from our still point then we tap into an infinite pool of energy and resource.

Healing comes from the word ‘wholeness’. When we embrace wholeness as our true essence, when the love that springs from wholeness infuses all our divisions and conflictual situations, then separation has no choice but to melt into oneness. The oneness that exists behind the movement of particles and matter.

This is an inward exploration for those who have had enough of fighting or fleeing through life and are ready to engage with life in a calmer, more peaceful way, free of fear and filled with love, knowingness, expansion and lightness. Imagine what ripple effects you will create when you operate from an unstoppable state of consciousness!

Minimum of 6 participants required. Each session is only £3.00 when all six sessions are purchased. To book a course for your group or for more information, please contact us using the form below:

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