About The Multidimensional Show

The Story

Organiser Rachel Murphy-Bonner created The Multidimensional Show early in 2016. The idea for the show came from a merge of interests in consciousness, the nature of reality, human potential, global welfare and extraterrestrial contact.

The first event ran in September with guest speakers Simon Parkes, Rob Buckle, Denis Barnes and Dave Hodrien. Dave Hunt, lead singer in the band Cosmosis, put on an amazing performance following the talk. Following the huge popularity of this debut, a date for a second show was set.

Now in its fifth year, the collective mission for the Multidimensional Show is to  explore, and expand consciousness  with all the multidimensional potential for humanity. If this is not all there is, what new choices might we make about how we live and treat each other? The possibilities are endless…

We aim to assist in the raising of consciousness with the calling to contribute to the healing needed in this world.

Rachel Murphy-Bonner

Rachel graduated from Coventry University with a Psychology degree and went on to qualify as a life coach. She has since continued to train in Reiki to master level and also offers hypnotherapy and intuitive card readings through her private service, Skies of Clarity now called the Still Point Centre.

She ran a holistic centre called the O.U.R. (Our Urban Retreat) Centre in Birmingham in 2011 – 2012 and has subsequently run groups centered around CE-5 (human initiated close encounters of the fifth kind), lucid dreaming and spiritual development.

The concept of the show was formed through an interest in consciousness, ascension, starseeds, extraterrestrial intelligence, multiple lives (past/present and parallel), and astral projection to name a few – the main purpose being to raise awareness to our greater reality and expand consciousness collectively as our network grows.

David Murphy-Bonner

David has been a professional software developer since 1999. In 2013, he had his first profound ET contact experience after watching the movie Sirius by Dr. Steven Greer, and implementing the protocols on his own.

Since then, he has actively pursued contact work, disclosure and spiritual growth as a matter of course and personal development based on his research in these subjects. David co-ordinated a CE-5 contact group in 2015, which met with great success.

In 2018, David joined the Multidimensional Show team, as his personal views and goals from study and experience aligned with Rachel’s vision for the show.

David’s focus and life mission is to assist others in becoming aware of our multidimensional nature, our connection to and oneness with all of life, and the reality that we are not alone in the universe.