Every month across the globe, thousands upon thousands collectively go out under the skies to make telepathic, heart-to-heart connection with benevolent extraterrestrial beings who take an interest in the betterment of humankind and life on Planet Earth.

Everyone one of us has the potential to step up and be ambassadors on behalf of our human Earth bound brothers and sisters and invite collaboration and support from our ET friends in bringing about greater health, harmony and conscious evolution to every man, woman and child.

This is also a wonderful opportunity to grow spiritually through a regular meditation practice and develop greater intuition to strengthen your own internal guidance system along the twists and turns of life as well as being better able to assist others as your ability to pick up non-physical cues sharpen. 

Connecting on such a deep level and focusing on the connection between every point of awareness in the vast ocean of consciousness offers profound benefits for well-being, greater sense of connection and wholeness.

We run our own group here in the Midlands, UK and regularly go out to beautiful and sacred locations locally and further afield to facilitate connection and help recognise UFO craft and other anomalies both in the sky and on the ground.

We use a combination of guided meditations and intention setting, binaural beats or crop circle tones, and remote viewing. We have also used various other tools in the past to help in the detection or spotting of space craft such as laser pens, satellite detection apps, EMF detection and night sight equipment.

However, by far the most important aspect to connecting with our star friends is a sincere willingness, a strong intention and persistence. With this alone, consciously intended contact has been made.

If you are interested in finding out more about this form of human initiated ET contact, you can visit and connect with the ETLet’sTalk community, founded by Kosta Macreas where thousands of members are registered and frequently post their group events or go straight to their Facebook groups, People’s Disclosure or ETLet’sTalk. Here you will also find guides on how to initiate contact alone or as a group.

We are now pleased to announce that we are operating as the UK branch of the CE-5 UFO SIRIUS ETLetsTalk.com and People’s Disclosure Movement. To connect with us directly and take part locally and in the UK, please sign up to our newsletter and consider joining our Facebook group, CEFive Midlands Contact.

Whether you decide to do this alone or with others, you are taking part in a monumental movement; one where the people are bringing about disclosure and taking the power back to create positive change on our planet, so thank you for your part.

Wishing you well on your path with heart warming and mind opening encounters!