Our thoughts are constantly creating and recreating our reality yet little is spoken about the power of the mind within Western culture. With so much negative influences from the TV, news broadcasts, social media what world are we creating? 


Fear, anger and pain are signals that healing and integration are needed and a new approach is called for. With awareness, it is possible to transform fear, anger and pain into something beautiful, magnificent, and transcendent. We just have to look at the countless stories of everyday heroes who have encountered oppression, loss, and huge suffering to later emerge renewed and with a purpose to make a positive difference. The potential we all hold for greatness is inspirational. 


We are at a pivotal time in human history and many are being called to take a stand for truth, freedom, love, health and life itself. There is an awakening happening at an exponential rate and we are seeing action being taken by the brave and determined expressing this collective stand. Now is the time to take our power back and use our power to create anew.


The Maharishi Effect and other similar studies, have demonstrated the power of mass meditation on our outer reality. By using our imagination to envision a better future as a collective, we are creating a powerful ripple effect to positively influence those around us and our reality.


So we hope you enjoy this guided meditation produced and edited by Rachel Murphy-Bonner. It has been created to assist in focusing the attention of our human family across the globe in creating a new Earth, in which there is a plentitude of all life on this planet needs to thrive and live in freedom, peace and harmony with each other. 


We begin this Saturday 31st October 2020 at 12 PM in the UK and call on us all to continue this mass meditation on Saturday at 12 PM (your local time) or whenever you can through until the New Year 2021.

Please like and share our video below to get as many of us involved as possible.