The Bringers of light – follow up


Following on from our Bringers of Light conference and the CE5 / CE6 event on Saturday 4th September at Knap Hill, Wiltshire we would like to invite all those who attended to discuss their experiences from the week.

The week of mind-expanding and high vibrational talks was ended by the CE5 which was an eventful night with flashes in the sky upon request, and various fast-moving lights (‘fast walkers’) and a row of flashing and moving lights seen in the distance due south-west around Alton Barnes. With those meditating for contact across the world via the Zoom live -stream, this was also a CE6. This was a huge turnout with fifty-seven people counted at its maximum plus forty on the Zoom call!

It was a gathering of like minds and kindred spirits with much to share. With such a high-energy, powerful and eventful week, we will all have been moved and affected to a greater or lesser degree. What was your experience? What have you taken away from the week and the culminating contact event?

To view the highlights of the night and join in the discussion, register your details here and you will receive an email with the Zoom link!


Conscious Camp, Wales


We are attending this wonderful camping festival in the Dee Valley near Corwyn, Wales to enjoy the beauty and the ambience of this special event with oracle and tarot cards readings on offer by Rachel. If there is enough demand, we will also hold a private CE-5 nearby. Find us at our bell tent in the main field – an A-Board with our information will be set up outside!

In the words of the organisers:

“Set in the beautiful Welsh countryside next to the River Dee, this is a magical place where magical things happen… If you have never been before then you are in for a heartwarming, nurturing, healing experience. The connections, the workshops, the music, the river, and all the other people here make it one of Wales’s favourite small gatherings. We limit the number to 150 in order to keep the connections real and feel like a real earth family.


This is an intoxicant free festival. This allows people to explore themselves deeper without numbing out what is bubbling under the surface. We have many practitioners and workshops leaders that offer a safe space to purge whatever needs releasing. For others, this is simply a place to connect, sing, dance and have fun. The choice is yours.

We look forward to welcoming you and meeting new friends”.

To find out more and to book a spot or just a day ticket, head over to their website here!

In Lakesh,

Rachel & David

we need your help!


We were so busy we didn’t manage to get many photos or video footage of the CE5. If anyone has any videos or photographs from the night, we would be very grateful if you could send these to us to contribute to our final highlights video and our social media updates*.

Please upload your media here.

* If you do not wish to be in any footage we use, please fill in this form and we will omit any identifiable footage of you and/ or blur out your face in our public media.