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aliens on the moon

To Be Confirmed

Neil Geddes-Ward looks at the evidence of possible Alien bases on our Moon, ranging from strange lights in craters, lunar orbiter photos and even remote viewers who have stumbled upon inhabitants of our nearest neighbour.

Alien bases on the dark side of the moon have been doing the rounds for the last 20 plus years, is it all real or just cheese in the sky?


Co-Author of the book Faeriecraft published by Hay House, I am a Pagan and visionary Artist, producing artwork for publications and prints.

I have appeared on TV and radio, discussing strange paranormal dreams, faeries, ghostly encounters, spoke in the US and the UK, conducted workshops, and specialise in spiritualism, psychic development, mediumship studies, speaking on on ordinary people having extraordinary experiences.

I have filmed psychical research, taken part in ESP official research with Dr Peter Fenwick. I make short films discussing UFOs, 9/11. and other mysteries as they are researched.

I also started and continue to run, High Wycombe Paranormal Meet up group, where I get speakers once a month to speak in a pub setting, on anything paranormal. This has grown in the last few years and is getting more popular as word gets around.

My own talks are from my own experiences and that of others and other researches I have conducted. I am also a co host for The Paranormal Peep Show, on the Paranormal UK Radio Network WWW.PAUKRADIO.COM

shane bales

magic and organic technology
Sunday 22nd September
11 AM – 1 PM (BST)

Shane is a speaker, author, singer and songwriter with knowledge from experience within Mystery Schools and secret programs.

Using alchemy, he turned these experiences into teaching others how to harness and control their own personal power as well as how to tap into the energies of the Creation. In this talk he will speak about Magic and Organic Technology. There will be a chance to ask questions at the end.

Time: 11 AM – BST, 6 AM – EST, 3 AM – PST, 5 AM- CT

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