The Multidimensional Show


What is the Multidimensional Show?

There are many different levels to our reality – but what connects them all?

Our conferences, events, interviews and talks cover subjects such as Consciousness, UFOs, ET Contact, Starseeds, Channeling, Non-Duality, Astral Projection, Remote Viewing and Quantum Physics – to name but a few. 

We bring together speakers, authors, researchers and experiencers from a multitude of different fields to share their knowledge and insights.

Combined with art, music, grass root projects and the holistic we aim to foster social connections, inspire meaningful change and expand our awareness.

Now in its forth year, the collective mission for the Multidimensional Show is to  explore and expand consciousness, encompassing all the multidimensional potential for humanity.

The Bringers Of Light Conference

Join us this September in the heart of England’s crop circle county – Wiltshire – as we explore the true meaning of the benevolent ET presence that has been engaging the human race for millennia.

Take part in the UK’s largest organised CE-5 event as we invite our star family to join with us in bringing about a new age of peace, harmony and balance for our planet.

  • positive review  Whole structure very well covering the whole spiritual and UFO subject and all subjects were interconnected with each other. A lot of eye opening knowledge.

    Szczepan Piekutowski Avatar Szczepan Piekutowski
    9th September 2018

    5 star review  Today was fantastic xXx I met some truly inspirational people xXx so open minded and receptive and that was just the other members of the audience xXx The speakers were brilliant and the music was phenomenal � I am definitely coming to the next one (My boys enjoyed it to and said they want to come again) .. everyone was like family I had just met for the first time xXx Thank you �

    Naomi Tammi Palmer Avatar Naomi Tammi Palmer
    11th November 2017

    5 star review  Inspiring, enlightening and well worth a visit! I hope to be speaking on this event again sometime soon - they are amazing pioneers on the cutting edge of consciousness!

    Daniella Batham Avatar Daniella Batham
    5th August 2016
  • positive review  Amazing show, fascinating topics and brilliant speakers.

    Emily May Avatar Emily May
    9th September 2018