Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind

“There is one awakeness, one light of consciousness, shining throughout the universe and through every individual.” – Steven Greer

The term Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind was created to explain an entirely new category of encounters with extra-terrestrial intelligence.

A Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind(CE5) is an event where humans deliberately take the initiative to interact with or communicate with, no matter how simply, alien life forms and their (space)craft.

It really is that simple. It may be as rudimentary as someone driving down a road and seeing a (space)craft that is obviously not of human manufacture, signalling their bright lights on and off – and the object stops, comes over and signals back in the same sequence. There are dozens of
cases of this occurring.

It is a simple exchange; it may be ridiculed by people as overly simplistic. But – it is an important step, because it is an attempt by a person to reach out to these beings – and they stop – and take the time to answer back.

It doesn’t matter if there was any substance to the communication; the fact that “hello” was said – and an answer came back – is profoundly important; it is a quantum leap in the relationship.

The other types of close encounters which have been described are:

  • A Close Encounter of the First Kind is a sighting of an extraterrestrial (space)craft, within 500 feet.
  • A Close Encounter of the Second Kind is a landing trace or an electromagnetic trace – some sort of physical evidence that is left by one of these craft.
  • A Close Encounter of the Third Kind, as everyone knows from Stephen Spielberg’s famous movie, is the sighting of one of the humanoids or life forms, usually in association with a (space)craft, but not always.
  • A Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind is when someone is actually taken on board a craft and – while this is rare- there are a few cases where it appears that this has actually taken place.

A Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind, then, is the first category that is not passive. If you look at the other four, you will see that they are essentially passive categories. Even a Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind is; for the most part. CE5, then, is a category where humans take the initiative and in a cooperative spirit, attempt to interact with, or have an exchange with, these extra-terrestrial life forms and their craft.

It is an important new category because it is a new concept; it is a new paradigm of interaction that goes beyond the usual passive or retrospective modality to one of real time, pro-active communication. As such, it is a milestone in the development of the relationship between us and beings from other worlds. It conveys to the extraterrestrial life forms that we are reaching the point of maturity where we are willing to end our denial – and even our passive observation – and step into a state of empowerment where we say, “we are capable of communicating with you and we wish to communicate with you”.

CEFive Midlands Contact Group


Rachel and David 

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