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Workshop: Manifest the Love Your Desire

In this two hour online taster workshop you are invited to reflect on how you may unwind the old patterns that keep you in self-sabotage and play at creating new ones that allow you to become a magnet for the unconditional love and the relationship your heart truly...

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4 days ago
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Watch Simon Parkes on our show LIVE tonight - https://mailchi.mp/9d9d9087cb0f/watch-simon-parkes-on-our-show-live-tonight

We will be talking about this eventful time we're currently living in and ... See more

1 week ago
RIYA SOKOL - Thank you, Coronavirus

Seeing the opportunity for gratitude at this time.

www.riyasokol.com www.instagram.com/riya_sokol_official/ www.facebook.com/riyasokolcom/ Thank you for SHAKING us and showing us, we ARE dependent on somethin...

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