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The Still Point Centre reflects the calm and serenity found when you enter a space of stillness and pure awareness. We offer a range of treatments, courses,  workshops and sessions all with the primary intention of facilitating a return to our true essence and accessing our power to heal ourselves, to change our course and to create our reality.

We help support this through our range of holistic services including reiki, hypnotherapy, life coaching, guided meditation and tarot card readings. These are designed to complement the needs of mind, body and spirit to restore balance, gain clarity, release unwanted habits and patterns, and tap into our own intuition.

When we are in balance and aligned to our true self, we form better connections to ourselves and to others, our body heals faster and we make better choices. In turn, life has a way of responding to this by attracting more joyful and expansive experiences into our world.

We can literally change the world from the inside out and everything we need to do this lies within. However, experiences, and events in life can make this difficult to do. Limiting beliefs, lack of awareness, an unsupportive environment and negative habits can all contribute to a lessened ability to see a way ahead, to make lasting changes or experience fulfillment in life.

By opening up to the right support and guidance available, we are are effectively receiving a road map, and a way to access our own inner compass. It is then that we can then begin to find our true path and access our own natural healing, our inner resources and deeper wisdoms.

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