In this two hour online taster workshop you are invited to reflect on how you may unwind the old patterns that keep you in self-sabotage and play at creating new ones that allow you to become a magnet for the unconditional love and the relationship your heart truly desires.

Having just passed the day we celebrate love and relationships, Valentines Day, and now begin entering the spring and summer, the seasons of renewal and going outward into the world, it’s no surprise that this is a time when we often see a upsurge in new relationships blossoming and weddings taking place. What a perfect time to connect with our hearts and see what wishes to blossom in the area of love!

Using a combination of deep meditation, visualisation, hypnotherapy and long distance reiki, we will begin this journey to uncovering your own wisdom and guidance to be self-loving and attract greater love and fulfilment in your life.

More about the facilitator
Rachel has walked a long and winding journey of self-discovery and healing to understand the unhealthy relationship patterns she needed to unwind stemming from the gift of her own upbringing. Through her healing, she discovered what it really meant to love oneself and began applying that through her life.

Through the opportunity of dysfunctional and distorted relationships, she understood what love was not and what love actually is. This does not mean she has all the answers or that she no longer experiences challenges. However, she has equipped herself with a few tools and approaches which she hopes will benefit you in this workshop.

Rachel gained her degree in Psychology in 2006 and has gone on to train in life coaching, hypnotherapy, reiki and is a long term student of mindfulness, meditation, consciousness, metaphysics and spiritual development.
She now runs the Multidimensional Show and a few projects with her husband and offers holistic services alongside this and together they wok and live in Birmingham along with her daughter.

Sunday 29th March at 4 PM – 6 PM

Via video conferencing on Zoom – a free and easy to use online platform. More details upon booking and securing your place.

Your Investment?
£22.22 payable via our payment site to secure your space
This alongside 2 hours of your day with an open heart and mind to self exploration and new possibilities