The topic of the higher self is a very subjective concept. In fact pretty much everything is perceived slightly differently to the next person but no more so than with matters beyond the five senses. Herein lies my own understanding on this fascinating topic. As with all things, take what resonates with you in this blog and discard the rest.


What is the higher self? The higher self is a concept which attracts so much interest for one very good reason: the higher self is that highest, most expanded aspect of yourself, your true self beyond name and form. Your soul is an aspect of this ‘over soul’ which exists outside of time and space. You could liken it to the sun and your soul being one ray extending out of this one source. It knows everything about your life and your parallel lives, it knows your soul’s path and higher purpose for being. 


The consciousness we are aware of is just a minute fraction of the full capacity of our consciousness which extends beyond the physical planes. The source of our individual aspect of all existence is the higher self. We are being guided by our higher self but unfortunately, due to our conditioning to ignore the inner voice and prioritise external stimulus, logic, reasoning and linear ways of thinking this has become dimmed to the point that many of us in Western society have little understanding or realisation that we even have this aspect to our existence.


Often inner guidance is noticed haphazardly when we get a strong ‘gut reaction’ or a ‘hunch’ such as when a friend suddenly decides to call at the exact moment you were thinking of them or you get a sudden urge to get out of the way of a vehicle despite having no time to physically spot it. These experiences may be recounted later as fluke or high strangeness without any deeper inquiry into what happened but what seems like coincidence is often our higher selves communicating with an as yet unconscious aspect of our minds that allows the information  through the sensory filters into conscious awareness.


So what if we were able to tap into this higher knowledge and wisdom any time we needed it? Imagine a life in which you were able to tap into knowledge about your life from the point of your higher self, where everything exists simultaneously and all records about your life are accessible. Imagine the freedom and the empowerment it would bring, being able to receive signs along the way to your dreams and desires. Imagine having that higher support during times of challenge and darkness, and that trust that you are always looked after. 


It is probably more important than ever that we have this inner guidance in a world so full of different viewpoints, divisions, diversions, misinformation and disinformation. With so many voices telling us what we should do, how we should think it is easy to get bombarded and overwhelmed. 


Although logic obviously has its place, often the best way forward or through a situation lies beyond logic. Logic or that conscious aspect of us processes far less information than our higher self, that which has access to all our unconscious records and that of our akashic records – the non-physical store of all our experiences and all knowledge in past, present and future.


This higher self is not the traditional religious figure of an angel or a deity although an angelic figure is a useful way to grasp this highest aspect of ourselves from our human perspective. 

The higher self is your true self, the most expanded, more universal aspect of your existence beyond which we have source or the origin of all in existence. You, your true self, exists independently of the body. From your perspective within time and space, you/ it existed prior to your incarnation in your current physical form and it will continue to do so after your body dies. 


So the big question is how do we begin accessing our higher self? The simple answer is with intention. By sitting quietly and making the intention in a way your unconscious mind will understand, you can start this process. You may like to visualise a chord of light reaching up to connect your crown to your higher self represented as a point of light or an angelic figure, for example. Then integrating this higher aspect to yourself by seeing an orb of light coming down to merge with your physical form. By practising to still your mind, asking a question and remaining open to the answer, you will begin strengthening the ability to access this deeper knowledge and guidance.


Below is a short guided meditation to listen to and assist you in this process. May it be of help and assistance in connecting you to your highest truth and divine guidance. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to explore this or other aspects of your life path via our contact us page.


May you be happy, healthy and free!