MONTHLY TALK - Vladimir Lazarov

UFO / ET Technology Researcher

Vladimir Lazarov

UFO / ET Contact & Technology Researcher

Vlad is an expert on documentary evidence and witness testimony of the ET presence and ET technology.

Keenly interested in ET intelligence and field contact work ( with remote viewing as well as other Siddhis ) Vlad leads regular CE5 expeditions under the stars in the UK to facilitate contact with our visitors from other star systems.

A funder of the ground-breaking documentary UNACKNOWLEDGED, Vlad’s interests are primarily in human civilisation’s progress – through consciousness evolution and ET disclosure – following the work of both Dr Steven Greer and Paola Harris, both of whom Vlad has personally met.

Vlad is part of a group called Cosmic Unity, which seeks unity – and ultimately open contact – with our galactic neighbours through consciousness – as we are all sentient, intelligent, and conscious life forms.



7:30PM 4th March 2019

Vlad’s extensive knowledge of the ET and UFO phenomenon is unparalleled,  coupled with his extensive research into declassified and leaked documents surrounding the global cover-up of the ET presence on Earth.

His talk revealed revolutionary information which has the potential to transform life on this planet as we know it.

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