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Channel / Quantum Hypnotherapist

Debz Shakti’s purpose in life is to help others awaken, heal, and grow, by sharing the positive effects of heart coherency and developing a conscious, balanced and sustained self-awareness.

Her main interest/research is on the topic of consciousness.

A well-respected Open Channel, she lovingly serves as the mouthpiece of the highly advanced ET group known as the Star Teachers, (who say they are “us” on a higher level of frequency), teaching and
advising enthralled followers!

Her services also include ET Contact and Paranormal Experience Counselling to clients all over the world.

Her renowned professional practice as a Quantum Hypnotherapist spans over 4 decades. She is a lifelong Yoga, Meditation, Martial Arts and Fitness teacher.

She lovingly hosts a long-standing, local CE-5/HICE group in Kansas City, MO, USA. She is also an active member of several international CE-5 Contact teams, researching the infinite nature of non-local

Founder of Quantum Transformations, and her online school, the Quantum Dojo, she offers personal sessions as well as group experiences as a workshop and conference presenter, teacher, and guide.


  • Quantum Hypnotherapist
  • 40+ years of intensive working experience!
  • Master-level Quantum Jump Facilitator
  • Highly-Gifted Channeler/Tel-Empath/Intuitive Counselor
    Channeler/Human Partner of the Star Teachers​
  • Corporate Trainer/Team-Building Leader, Workshop and Symposium Presenter
  • Lifelong Contactee/Experiencer (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence/Extra-Dimensional)
  • Contact/UFO Experience Counselor
  • CE-5 Ambassador, National Coordinator and Local Group Leader
  • Paranormal and Metaphysical Phenomenon liaison
  • Remote Viewing Instructor and Facilitator
  • Multi-Modality Energy Worker
  • Initiated Kriya Yogini & Multi-Style Yoga Teacher
  • Life, Nutrition & Health Coach
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Master Organic Gardener
  • Published Author
  • Ordained Life Celebration Officiant (Reverend)



Debra will offer a short introduction of the Star Teachers and her amazing relationship with them.

Participants will then be guided through a short, but extremely effective
process to clear and activate the Pineal Gland (Third Eye), clear and balance the Chakric System, and raise individual and group frequency, enabling participants to interact “Live” with these loving Beings,
via heart coherency!

The Teachers will give a short, powerful message, and then will answer audience questions. During the session, healing, DNA and other systemic upgrades and downloads may be experienced.


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