Evening at Avebury Stone Circle 31st August 2019

Anomalies at Avebury Stones

CE-Five trip 31st august 2019

a group of four attended this special CE-5 trip under the stars: Dave, Rachel, Nic and James. Once we had set up our camp near the innermost circle close to Beckhampton Road, we meditated to our personally created and produced meditation, Pillar of Light and sent the telepathic invitation to benevolent ET beings to make visible contact with us.

Flash Bulbs

The meditation lasted approximately seven and half minutes. Just towards the end of this meditation we witnessed ‘flash bulbs’ or large, bright flash in the sky. This was followed by several more flashes in the same area.

Throughout the night, we were witness to numerous unexplained flashes of lights in the sky, which seemed to be coming from large objects in orbit of the Earth. We also noted countless ‘fast walkers’ or anomalous moving lights travelling at high speed across the night sky.


Towards the end of our sky watch at approximately eleven o’clock at night, Nic shone his laser towards a ‘fast walker’ travelling through the sky to point this out to the rest of the group when a large ‘flash bulb’ appeared near to the laser point.

He proceeded to flash his laser pen at the same spot and a corresponding flash appeared in the sky immediately afterwards which seemed to be in direct response. This was repeated on two more occasions before stopping altogether. We all felt strongly that this was a direct form of communication from an ET craft or unknown visitor in our sky leaving us awestruck.


It was a beautiful evening to be had among the ancient and magnificent stones of Avebury. We felt so fortunate to have a clear vista and so little light pollution, allowing us to see the light mist of the Milky Way sweeping across the sky above us.

The frequent activity of moving lights and large and bold flashes in the night sky enhanced our sense of wonder and connection to our star friends. We shall definitely be returning to this sacred site again!