Your Hosts - Rachel Murphy

Qualified hypnotherapist and life coach.


Rachel, the organiser of The Multidimensional Show, is a qualified life coach and hypnotherapist and has been life coaching since 2007 following completion  of her degree in Psychology at Coventry University. She brings her intuition and her deep insights with her focus on spiritual and emotional development to help her clients overcome their fears and tap into their own intuition and guidance to lead an authentic, fulfilling and conscious life of possibilities.

Although Rachel is based in Birmingham, UK she is able to run sessions anywhere in the world via Skype, telephone and email. Her personal interests include emotional well-being, soul mate and twin flame relationships, the ascension and awakening of humanity, metaphysics including multidimensional realities, past lives, extraterrestrial intelligence and starseeds.



Date TBA

Rachel will present a joint talk exploring the nature of consciousness and mind from a holistic standpoint – our multidimensional nature, connection to and oneness with all sentient life; the reality that we are very much not alone in the universe – and explore how these realisations allow us to open up channels of communication with intelligent, benevolent entities from other worlds and vibrational densities.

Welcome to the multidimensional show

Do you wish to discover a more meaningful path in line with your soul’s purpose?

Do you want to create your own business, or start a new project?  Perhaps you feel lost and you wish to deepen your own sense of self or connection to divinity?  Perhaps you feel flat and uninspired and wish to experience more vitality and energy?  Be more confident and experience greater freedom?

My name is Rachel and at Skies of Clarity, along with my life coaching, hypnotherapy and intuitive guidance, I bring real life experience and authenticity to this work.  Your life will shift massively if you are ready to take the next step.

I work with people in following areas:

  • Love and Relationships
  • Guidance for Future Goals and Desires
  • Career: New Opportunities and Promotion
  • Inner Growth and Spiritual Development

The feedback I get from clients is the biggest indicator of satisfaction. Here are just some testimonials I have received recently:

  • ‘Lovely email with my reading that hit the nail on the head for my current circumstances. Highly recommended!’
  • ‘I did not say anything to Rachel before my reading as I didn’t want to give any ideas but I have to say it blew me away everything was on point, we are moving, there are things that need dealing with but Rachel’s reading has shown we are on the right path, thank you!’
  • ‘Skies of Clarity Coaching is the perfect name for the sessions you create Rachel. You allow people to come together to investigate the space within and In turn initiate a deeper connection with the clarity we seek. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and came away inspired and reconnected. Thank you!’
  • ‘I have had the pleasure of meeting with Rachel Murphy only a few times and in that space she has shown to be very approachable, open and caring towards her advice and help. Having left a relationship recently, I felt that Rachel’s advice and support were outstanding and seemed to be offered just when I needed it the most. She is a very intuitive, grounded, practical and holistic person. I have no hesitation in recommending Rachel’s services. Thanks once again!’

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