The mission of the Multidimensional Show is to build a worldwide network and provide an understanding of our deeper reality and who we truly are available to the public. We do this by hosting talks, providing a platform for discussion and supporting meaningful change through personal and spiritual development and socially through awareness raising campaigns.

On our website you will find information on our latest talks, groups and upcoming conferences, with the ability to purchase tickets to these events from our online shop. Products, courses and videos of past events will also be offered here. You can also find out more about our past and upcoming speakers, as well as the organisers, Rachel and Dave.

Much of our focus lies within the spiritual, paranormal and esoteric fields – such as ET intelligence, UFOs, remote viewing, astral projection, channelled information, energetic healing, consciousness, quantum physics and ancient wisdom.

Ultimately, we hope to bridge divides within the alternative and cutting edge fields to find the underlying, unifying principles of our existence.