In this episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing Dimitar Petrov – the artist and author known as the Man Of No Ego.

His work is focused on sharing knowledge through music, his writings and yoga.

His music is imbued with universal messages coming from people such as Alan Watts and follows the 432hz tuning principle.

In his own words taken from his recent book, ‘Man Of No Ego’, Dimitar says:

“My deepest intention is to convey the message, that, we as divine beings, are capable of all there is. We are a miracle. Life is a miracle. My humble suggestion for you is to experience it with an open heart. With a Loving heart. Only then, will the doors truly open. 

The deepest of desires, will manifest. Embracing Love and letting go is the truth. And Ego is a tool. We are created in such a way. We need not destroy it. The key here is to accept it, but understand deeply, that you are not that. 

You are the universe experiencing itself. And we are not just the idea of ourselves. Life teaches us, that this idea is bound to change, that it is not our true source of Self and not permanent within us. What is permanent within ourselves is the divine. 



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