In today’s episode we have the pleasure of interviewing Amardeep Kaleka – an award-winning Indian-American film director.

Following the tragic death of his father in the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting in 2012, Kaleka became involved in politics, supporting gun control, progressive economic reform and the peace agenda.

Kaleka directed the ground-breaking 2013 documentary, ‘Sirius’, based upon Ufologist Dr. Steven M. Greer’s book, ‘Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge’.

Partially funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, the film follows Dr. Greer’s efforts to reveal information about how to initiate peaceful contact with benevolent extraterrestrials using the CE-5 protocols, as well as top secret energy projects and propulsion techniques.

We hope you enjoy this fascinating interview with one of the most revolutionary film makers of our age in which we discuss the vital issues that are affecting humanity on Earth at this time.

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