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International Speaker, Television Host and Spiritual Mentor

Luke Scott


Luke Scott is an International Speaker, Television Host and Spiritual Mentor.

Growing up in a dysfunctional family, drugs and violence were a normal part of Luke’s home and family life. Luke never fitted into this environment and knew he was destined for much greater things.

From a young age, Luke was fascinated with business, sales and psychology and has had many business ventures which taught him some essential do’s and don’ts. Luke spent 6 years working for a FTSE 100 company learning the secrets of how the world’s most successful companies and people operate. After having a deep awakening experience, Luke began an intense journey to discover who he truly is and what he truly wants.

Luke now travels the world sharing these secrets from stage so that others can achieve true success and happiness without having to spend 10 years learning these things themselves.

Luke’s main values are Freedom and Growth, “We can have everything in this life that we desire, but first we have to find out Who We Truly Are and What we Truly Want.”



Saturday 18th May 2019 10:15 AM

Are you real? Do you actually exist? Or are we really just living in a life-like Simulation? What would be the implications if Simulation Theory was in fact truth? We will dive deep into Simulation Theory and open you up to the possibilities that this brings for everyone whether you believe it or not. Open your mind and come try on some new possibilities that will change the way you look at our world and our universe.

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In this opening lecture from our 2019 conference The Nature Of Reality, public speaker & spiritual mentor Luke Scott discusses Simulation Theory.

Are you real? Do you actually exist? Or are we ... See more

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