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A “glittering” school and university career led David to qualify as a lawyer. It also left him shattered and empty inside and with a diagnosis aged 23 of a potentially lifelong disease. He quit the legal profession, still only 27 and set about re-defining his life.

After several years teaching English in Spain he returned to the UK to embark upon teaching the card game bridge. Funding was awarded to him to take a simplified version of bridge to schools all over England.

His experiences in schools revealed the full extent of the dysfunction in the system and how damaging it can be for most children.  Decades later he is now happy and healthy, working creatively as a writer, researcher and teacher, his own life finally back on track and determined to help others rediscover their own power to make positive, more informed choices for themselves and their family.


School – No Place For Children

Saturday 8th September 2018

David’s talk revealed the toxic effect of the modern schooling system on both pupils and teachers alike and explored the more child-friendly options that could save us all from the insanity of a system that is broken and rotten to its core.

School – No Place for Children



Why does school demoralise and disillusion so many pupils, undermining and eroding their self-belief, natural playfulness and individuality?

Why are school teachers quitting the profession in such alarming numbers, many not even completing their professional training?

Did you know that school is not even compulsory?

Do you know about the alternatives?

Is it not time to rediscover the power of choice for your children’s sake?

This book reveals the toxic effect of the modern schooling system on both pupils and teachers alike and explores the more child-friendly options available that could save us all from the insanity of a system that is broken and rotten to its core. It is a stark wake up call for all those involved in educating our children and gives clarity and hope to parents of children who are screaming every day not to go to school.

It recounts the author’s experiences as both pupil and teacher in various learning environments and includes testimonies from current and former pupils and teachers as well as parents of children being educated in all kinds of environments. Short-term and long-term damage is being caused to children who would be better served outside the stifling classroom regime of a modern school or by a system that radically changes its approach. Teachers are working in impossibly stressful conditions with too many demands on their precious time and energy. The system is in meltdown.

The book looks at the havoc created in individual lives as well as to society as a whole and investigates how this dysfunction has come about and just as importantly the possible agenda behind it. Alternatives to the mainstream model are explored and inspirational examples are given of governments and schools around the globe that are acknowledging that schooling needs to change drastically and urgently for the sake of future generations. Educating your children at home is the final focus as the reader is reassured that it is not against the law to educate your own children (at least not in the UK) and it may well be the best solution until society wakes up to the full extent of the problem.

If you have ever wondered what might have held you back in life; if you still believe school is compulsory; if you have children begging you every Sunday evening not to have to go to school the next morning; or if you are a teacher feeling trapped and looking for a way forward, then this book is definitely for you!

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