About The Multidimensional Show

Organiser, Rachel Murphy and former organiser, Shaun Coates created the Multidimensional Show early in 2016. Its first event ran in September with guest speaker Simon Parkes and Rob Buckle, Denis Barnes, Dave Hodrien with Dave Hunt, lead singer in the band Cosmosis, who put on an amazing performance following the talk. Following the huge popularity of this debut, a second show was set.


The idea came from a merge of interests in consciousness, the nature of reality, human potential, global welfare and extraterrestrial contact. Following a degree in Psychology and training as a life coach, Rachel went on to run a range of projects including a holistic community centre in Birmingham, and various groups centred around personal and spiritual growth and humanitarian aims. In her own business, she offers life coaching, hypnotherapy, reiki and tarot card readings. Her passion is the raising of consciousness and the next level in human evolution with the calling to assist the healing needed in this world.


There were others who assisted in the running of the previous show, some of whom continue to support these events including: Andy and Claire Feeney (organisers of Truth Juice Birmingham), Yvonne Hunt, Anthony Wood and Richard Hunt. Much gratitude to you and everyone not mentioned on here who have contributed in bringing this show to reality! Shaun has now moved on to new projects so we wish him well on his new ventures with thanks for all he did in organising the last event.


The future for the Multidimensional Show are well, multdimensional. There is scope to have a greater reach through various means to share breaking news, projects and discoveries. Watch this space for more developments on this!


What do we mean by ‘multidimensional’?


We like to use the analogy of the radio with the different frequencies and wave bands. We are taught at school that we perceive our reality with our five physical senses – sight, sound, feel, touch and smell. Based on these senses, we just pick up on small fraction of all the available information that is ‘out there’. Just as our five senses are just tuned into a small band of frequencies, we will only be able to pick up those things within that range. However, if were able to somehow pick up information about our universe from frequences outside of that small range, we would sense the universe in a very different way. There are a growing minority who testify to experiencing things beyond the normal range of human experience, these include scientists in quantum science to channellers of those in spirit, those who have had contact with extraterrestrial intelligence, to those who have experienced worlds that are different to our own through out of body experiences and so on. What we think is our total reality is just a small fraction of the bigger reality we live in. If were able to stand outside and look in on these multi-level experiences, it would be one amazing show!


What is the purpose of this event?


To explore, and expand consciousness¬† with all the multidimensional potential for humanity. If this is not all there is, what new choices might we make about how we live and treat each other? The possibilities are endless…