The Multidimensional Show

Are you ready for a revolution in human consciousness?



Ever wondered what lies beyond the five senses? At the Multidimensional Show, we are avid explorers of this vast field. From ET life forms, angels and ascended masters to the  astral planes, parrallel worlds and out of body experiences we make a bold attempt to cover it.


Sceptical? Good, this is definitely not a religious or spiritual belief system we’re talking about. This is about the open minded, truth seeking, awe inspiring, experiential and cutting edge topics that trigger questions and new discoveries both within ourselves and our world. This is a call for the inquisitive, the intrepid, the artists, the healers, the truth seekers, the scientists, the experiencers and the wayseers to meet, to entertain new ideas and integrate understanding. This is a call to humanity to wake up from the slumber of habitual existence and make conscious choices: is there more to life than meets the eye? Could there be a better way to live and be? If you’re intrigued, if you feel the pull come along and explore this show called life.

 Join us on Saturday 8th and 9th September 2018 for a day of fascinating discoveries and experiences on a par with the X-Files and a lot more. Details here September 2018.